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4. Gramática: Adjetivos (Orden de los adjetivos)

4. Gramática

4.2. Adjetivos

4.2.1. Orden de los adjetivos (Order of adjectives)

 Es muy poco común que haya más de tres adjetivos
It is very unusual to have more than three adjectives.

Los adjetivos suelen venir en este orden
Adjectives usually come in this order:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Size  Shape Age  Colour Nationality Material
General Opinion:

good bad lovely  strange
beautiful nice brilliant excellent
awful important wonderful nasty

Specific Opinion:

Food: tasty; delicious
Furniture, buildings: comfortable; uncomfortable
People, animals: clever; intelligent; friendly

Por ejemplo:

Expensive fashionable small tight black  japanese silk dress

(Vestido de seda japonés negro ajustado pequeño a la moda caro)

Este es un ejemplo extremo para ejemplificar el orden de los adjetivos, pero otros casos más comunes son:

A handsome young man (un hombre joven mono); a big black car (un coche negro grande)...

Algunos adjetivos se usan solo al lado del nombre
A few adjectives are used only in front of a noun:
North, south, east, west, northern, southern,     eastern, western, countless, occasional, lone, eventful, indoor, outdoor...

We say:

 --He lives in the eastern district.
--There were countless problems with the new machinery.

Pero no decimos:
But we do not say:

-- The district he lives in is eastern
--The problems with the new machinery were countless.

We use some adjectives only after a link verb:

afraid alive alone asleep
content glad  ill ready
sorry sure unable well

Some of the commonest -ed adjectives are normally used only after a link verb:
annoyed;  finished;  bored; pleased; thrilled

We say:
--Our teacher was ill.
--My uncle was very glad when he heard the news.
--The policeman seemed to be very annoyed
But we do not say:
--We had an ill teacher.
-- When he heard the news he was a very glad uncle
-- He seemed to be a very annoyed policeman


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Outside Halloween Party

12. Escritura (writing)

12.1. Halloween
(Topics: fashion matters, fiesta matters)

My Outside Halloween Party

Halloween is a Bank Holiday (31 October).
Next Saturday, I'm going to throw a fancy dress party. It will be out in the fresh air of my garden and during the afternoon. There is 16 and over policy: it isn't a children party.

I'm offering a buffet with finger food and drinks.

Throwing a party is expensive: you have to buy tasteful healthy food and drinks; you have to rent tablecloths, napkins, cutlery, glasses, crockery... I will have to sell tickets at  £2.20. It isn't an overpriced. It's just for pay expenses (at least a portion).

Most people think that hosting a party is the most stressful thing ever,  however I don't.

I know  that some girls are wearing school uniforms as japanese students (anime costumes); my little brother is wearing as a homeless: crumpled, dowdy and unflattering clothes; my best friend Mary is wearing a framed picture of `still life´ costume.

But I'll see a lot of superhero, pirate, horror and tv/film costumes, you know...

And what about my costume?

I tryed on two costumes in an ugly fitting room in a dirty costume shop that I didn't buy because of the size of the costumes: I needed a  eighteen size (UK) but they only had a sixteen size (UK). The shop assistant said that those clothes fitted me, but they didn't! Needless to say, I didn't buy anything there.

A local seamstress  (miracle lady! ) made me a Teatime Mad Hatter Costume (L size). This costume features a  jacket in plum color; a contrasting dress composed of a turquoise top and a midnight blue  skirt; a funny old-fashioned big hat; a pair of  tight black leggins and a blue glovelettes. I paid that artistic job in cash as an old school woman (anyway, she didn't accept `plastic´! ).

In the party, we are playing games like Witch Hunt (like hide and seek but with costumes), the Skull (like soccer but with a plastic skull)...

All my guests are `party animals´so fun is guaranteed (they never will be party-poopers!).

This year I don't know who will be the life and soul of the party.
Bets are accepted!